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Useful Tips & Answers to Common Questions

Here are some travel tips and FAQ to assist you in planning your holiday to Madrid


We have prepared 5 quick suggestions for making your holiday to Madrid the best possible: (followed by frequently asked questions at the bottom of the page)

Tip #1: Keep your valuables safe.

There are increasing incidents of pick-pockets and petty theft across Spain so don’t give the crooks the opportunity! Be extra careful around train and bus stations, busy squares and crowded streets, and generally exercise caution with your belongings. Although there is little serious crime that you need to worry about, it can still put a damper on your holiday if you get your wallet, passport, or camera stolen… So keep an eye on your things and you will have a wonderful time – and the photos to prove it!  Don’t walk around with your wallet sticking out of your back pocket.

Tip #2: Only book a tour with a legal Tour Operator.

Here is how: The best way to find out if you are dealing with a genuine company is to ask them if they are part of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA). This is the organization that verifies genuine operators worldwide.

Here is why: If you book with a company off the Internet which is not a legal Tour Operator you could end up spending you day filling forms for the police. There is no risk for you other than a wasted day, but it could ruin your holiday.

Tip #3: For short holidays – make the best use of your time.

If you are flying into Madrid for only a short time, book a tour right from the airport which will take you to the hotel just in time for check-in. Wise planning will save you money (benefit from transportation from one place to another while touring) and will make the best use of your short time in Spain. If you are not sure how to best plan your time, use our Trip Planner and we will be happy to assist you in planning the best holiday possible.

Tip #4: Do the inside visit to the museums/monuments at the end of the tour.

This is a tip for those of you who wish to go inside one of the famous museums or monuments in Madrid (for example the Prado Museum or the Royal Palace). We suggest that instead of taking the tour time to go inside the museums, arrange your tour to finish at the entrance to the museum and you can spend as much time inside as you wish (not taking from the tour time thus allowing you to visit more sights).

Tip #5: Make evening plans for a memorable holiday.

Book a flamenco show and Spanish dinner at the most famous venue in Spain. You will not believe the list of famous guests that have attended the show at this venue, which is part of many tour book recommendations and the famous “1000 Things To Do Before You Die”. It’s worth a visit if you have the time.



Now to some frequently asked questions:

Are you a legal company in Spain?

Yes we are! We are part of ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents) and Cruise Line International Association (CLIA).

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel the tour for any reason, you will receive a full refund for any deposit or payment made with a minimum of 48 hours notice. There is also a FULL refund in cases of international transportation cancellations (such as cancelled flights or trains). We provide the best customer service before, during, and after your tour, and are proud to have such a flexible cancellation policy.

Do you speak English?

We speak clear and easy to understand English.

If you are only booking a transfer service (not a tour!) then you may be chauffeured with one of our very pleasant and courteous Spanish speaking drivers who speak basic English only. However, on ALL our tours you will not have to worry about concentrating hard to understand what we say. Our English is very good (as everyone tells us) and of course we can also provide tours in other languages if wanted – please contact us for more details.

Do I have to pay in advance?

No. We are very flexible when it comes to payments. If you prefer to pay a deposit only and the balance at the end of the tour – this is possible. If you prefer to secure the tour only and pay it all at the end of the tour – this is also possible. If you wish to pay everything in advance – this again is OK. Whichever way you prefer to arrange payment is fine.

Can you pick me up at the hotel and drop me off at the airport?

Yes of course! We will pick you up anywhere in Madrid and take you to wherever you wish to go at the end of the tour. This way you don’t have to spend any time looking for a meeting point and taking trains back to your hotel, city, airport, etc as you would have to do with most tour companies in Madrid. We are here to make your holiday easy and enjoyable.

I only have one day in Madrid – what should I do?

We recommend the Madrid City Tour if this is your first visit. In 4 hours, you will visit all the main highlights of Madrid. If you have been to Madrid before, then you should consider the Toledo or Avila and Segovia tour as your touring option for one day.

We are a large group of colleagues visiting Madrid – can we tour together?

Yes you can. We can accommodate any size group. We have been operating tours for many well known Universities, Colleges, and large businesses, and have many references to share. Any group size is welcome – you will not be disappointed!

I see you are recommending a flamenco show and dinner – why is that?

Many of our guests stay in Madrid at least one night and wish to experience something authentically Spanish. The flamenco show and dinner we recommend is possibly the best in the world! The list of previous guests to this venue include many presidents, royalty, celebrities, and other famous people. We are happy to recommend this venue since our guests repeatedly tell us what a memorable evening this was for them. We offer prices, which are discounted and are below the official price (lowest price available anywhere) as an extra service to our guests.

Is the Flamenco & Dinner event in the same venue or do I have to go to 2 different places?

The Flamenco and Dinner night takes place in one venue. There is a special dinning room for the dinner and another hall for the show.

Does the Flamenco cost include transportation?

No it does not. If you wish we can arrange transportation for you separately or you can take a taxi or walk if your hotel is nearby.

We are definitely coming to Madrid – any last suggestion?

Yes – Come in good spirits! You are on holiday and if you need any assistance at all we are always here to help so feel free to contact us. Take lots of pictures, smile smile smile – you are coming to the capital of Spain and with a little planning we will arrange a smooth and wonderful holiday for you. Relax and enjoy!


We hope to welcome you to Madrid soon!

-The MDT Team

Please feel free to contact us with any question

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