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Madrid has a wide selection of accommodations to suit everyone’s needs. We recommend booking your hotel directly online since this is the most economical and convenient method.

We have researched several websites and are happy to recommend to our guests as the best place to book your hotel. This is because in some cases they allow cancelling the reservations without charges (with a minimum notice period). This is a big advantage since most other websites charge for at least one night if you wish to cancel. From our research they also offer very competitive prices (in some cases it was the lowest we could find and in other equal to other websites).

As for which hotel to stay in, this is obviously a very personal decision based on many factors, but we are happy to recommend the following places as good choices:


For hotels in the price range of $100+ we recommend:

For hotels in the price range of $200+ we recommend:

For hotels in the price range of $300+ we recommend:


We wish you a pleasant stay and a good night’s sleep!

-The MDT Team




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